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Affiliated Health Funds (AHF) was created in 1983 by a coalition of southern California and southern Nevada Health & Welfare Funds - Carpenters Health & Welfare for Southern California, Operating Engineers Health & Welfare Fund (Local 12), and Southern California Pipe Trades Health & Welfare Fund - to help control the escalating costs they had been witnessing in health care.

The successful consumer-based efforts of this AHF coalition, in conjunction with medical service providers who had a mutual interest in maintaining reasonable costs, grew throughout the years, enabling its Member Funds to preserve a high level of health benefits despite rising costs. Up through 2008, the coalition members (the employees and their health plans) saved in excess of $800,000,000 by utilizing AHF's large provider network.

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AHF currently has contracts in southern California, southern Nevada and southern Arizona with:

  Hospitals (acute care and rehabilitation)
  Urgent care facilities
  Ambulatory surgery centers
  Physicians in all specialty categories
  Laboratory networks (nationwide)
  Diagnostic radiology networks (nationwide)
  Physical therapists
  Home health service providers
  Durable medical equipment providers
  Home infusion and respiratory service providers
  Hearing service providers
  Endoscopy centers
  Centers for treatment of sleep disorders
  Substance abuse treatment centers

If you have an interest in joining AHF's coalition or if you are a healthcare service provider and want to contract with AHF, please visit our "Contact Us" page.



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